How is the item shipped and will it come fully assembled?
All of our ovens are delivered 99% complete. For safe delivery the chimney is stored inside the oven and can be easily located on to the base structure – please ensure you have sufficient persons to assist.
If I order multiples of any items, will I be required to pay any additional delivery charges?
Delivery charges are included for each oven or BBQ to anywhere in the UK (mainland). On the most part, accessories can be delivered along with the oven free of charge. However there may be a delivery charge if accessories are ordered on their own.
What happens if the oven doesn’t fit in my designated location, will I receive a refund?
All of our products have a full 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (T&C’s apply). We will endeavour to answer any questions pre-delivery to minimise any issues, but we understand errors can be made and will therefore apply a full refund should the item not fit or are unable to access the area (*please note return delivery charges will apply).
Do I receive a guarantee with any product purchased?
Yes, all of our products come with a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
What is the expected lead time on delivery from date of order?
We aim to deliver all orders to you as soon as possible. Expected delivery time is 7-14 days, however we have been known to do it in 2 or 3 days! Should there be any delays we will inform you of this immediately.
What base material / sized area is recommended for the Oven / BBQ to stand on?
This will depend on the size of the oven you buy. Please click on the specific oven/BBQ page where you’ll find all of the installation details.
Are all products weather resistant; what ongoing maintenance is required?
All of our ovens and BBQ’s are delivered to you completely weather resistant (subject to Hurricanes and Tornado's). It is recommended that you paint your oven with a suitable outdoor/mortar paint and to also cover the oven in the colder months to extend its life.
Can the ovens be painted, if so what paint/ application method is recommended?
Definitely! In fact, we’d recommend it… Why not chose your favourite colour and really customise the look of your outdoor kitchen. The BBO team recommends that you use a sturdy all weather outdoor paint for longevity.
Can I see any of these items in a showroom?
Yes, we currently have one available to view in Norwich, we are looking to expand this so please don’t hesitate to ask for further information.